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Induction and Parents Meet

Your MBA begins with a one-week induction/orientation program to set the scene and connect you with your MBA colleagues and various departments. The program includes a variety of activities/events such as Inauguration program, Parents Meet, Governing Body (GB) interaction, Alumni interaction, guest lectures and various in-house committee presentations.

The Induction week sets the context for the rest of the program and helps acquaint you with the rigors of academic study. By sharing feedback with your new MBA team you can relate your performance and behavior to a range of archetypes - and consider how you might develop as an individual and best use your MBA opportunities.

Multiple ice-breaking sessions are planned and executed by the seniors of DYPIMS, to their juniors to better know them, understand each other, and make them well cohesive as an effective team for their upcoming two years of management studies effectively.


Induction and Parents Meet 2018-19
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Induction and Parents Meet 2017-18
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Induction and Parents Meet 2016-17
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Induction and Parents Meet 2014-15
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Induction and Parents Meet 2015-16
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